Tarry House

This place is the home of a family with strong roots. The property included three smaller buildings when we arrived at the project, none of which was equipped for larger gatherings.

The Tarry House was conceived as a place for celebration, to be with friends and bring others together forming new relationships and strengthening old ones. It is a space to welcome many as well as nurture a few.

A cross gable formation provides high and airy interior spaces as well as light filtered porches. Large pivot doors open on the glassy ends of the main form to create a space that is both indoors and out. The forms and detailing reflect the inventiveness of ranchers, having a straight forward way of building and living, resulting in structures that show themselves unapologetically.

Location: Blanco, TX

Category: Residential, new construction

Contractor: Crowell Builders

Photographer: Renderings by Jobe Corral Architects